English: Ivan Herák and band

My talent for playing the violin, is a gift which I inherited from my ancestors and it is an honour for me to be able to share this gift with my audience.

Curriculum vitae

The violinist Ivan Herak grew up in the small village Hradiště pod Vrátnou which is located in the picturesque region of the little Carpathians.

Proceeding from a family of musicans, he graduated from conservatory in Topolcany. His extraordinary talent evolved under the guidance of professor Oleg ter Martirosova.

Manifold musical activities testify to show his musical uniqueness, combined with a strong feel and an extraordinarory perfomance and abilty to improvise.

Ivan has worked out a whole range of records and cooperates with reputable cultural personalities such as Ida Kelarová, Zuzana Lapčíková, Jaroslav Svěcený, Yvetta Blanarovičová, Iva Bittová, Václav Hudeček, philharmony of Czech Budejovice with its Chief Conductor Jan Talich and others. Further on, he performs as a soloist with Talich’s chamber orchestra for which he prepared a number of transcriptions.

The charismatic expression and the contrast of soft tones to wild rhythms do make him a unique musican. His violin solos that get into your veins and his ability to change easily between different musical streams are part of the enchanting perfomance of this virtuoso, who knows how to win over every audience.

Musical Curriculum:

Primas- Ivan Herak and band

Concertmaster of chamber orchestra Romale Camerat
International conservatory Prague-pedagogue
Slovakian broadcast- member of OLUN orchestra
Artistic director of military corps Bratislava

Concerts- accomplished performances:

Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland, France, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Hungary, Romania, UK, Poland, Moldavia


Video/ Audio gallery

Band’s repertoire:

Folk and Gypsy music
Own compositions
Classical music
And more…

Repertoire- instrumental combinations

First Violin (Prim) +cymbal (hammered dulcimer)+ double bass + viola

Options:     violin + piano + double bass
violin + guitar + double bass
violin + piano, violin + cymbal, violin+ guitar
and other instrumental combinations

Members of the band Ivan Herak and band

1.    Ivan Herak- Primas (first fiddler in a gypsy band)- conservatory Topolcany
2.    Robert Boldi- International conservatory Prague- viola
3.    Josef Feco- Conservatory Jaroslav Jezek Prague- cymbal- very reputable multi-instrumentalist, who modelled himself from an early age on his grandfather, a very reputable Primas
4.    Marek Boldi- International conservatory Prague- Double bass
5.    Josef Senky- International conservatory Prague- Second violin